Each year, ONEPOWER Consulting assists many job seekers with transitioning to new and exciting job opportunities. Making the transition to a new workplace may seem like a difficult challenge, so we wanted to share one of many success stories with you.

Over the summer, we had the opportunity to work with Erik Christensen from Ohio to find a new job here in Georgia. Read below to find out about his new job.

Could you tell us about your current company and position, and briefly describe your current role?

I currently work at Miura America Corporation and am the Production Support Supervisor. My primary role is to investigate quality defects that are due to the inadequacies of the product processes. This includes investigating root cause and implementing countermeasures via training and creating work standards.


Please tell us how you got to your current role at your company.

I left my previous company having been in the Purchasing Department at a Japanese automobile parts manufacturer, so I had some knowledge of quality principles and experience working in a Japanese business environment. Furthermore, the parent company of my current employer had sent their personnel to help train and develop local staff. My ability to function in the Japanese language was seen as beneficial for bridging the language and culture gap to help facilitate communication.


What is something you like about your current role, such as something fun/highly motivating?

My current role is very interesting in many aspects, but what I enjoy the most is the opportunity to learn about technical concepts related to our products while using my language abilities to help solve problems. I take extreme pride in my job, and I’m always looking for the best way to achieve my objectives to benefit the company.


Do you have any plans for the next 10 years (or 5 years) of where you would like to be in life?

My plans for the next 5-10 years are to become first the Production Support Department Manager and then possibly the head of North American operations. This is an ambitious goal as neither of these positions currently exist, but I hope to continually improve and better myself.

Maybe you are like Erik and you are looking for a new job opportunity. If so, feel free to visit our Job Search page to see some of our current openings that we can connect you with.