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現在、Calpis 社でAdministrative Assistantとして働いています。マネジメントのサポートや、ニュースレターの編集、お客様の対応など、多岐に渡るお仕事をさせて頂いております。最近では、職員へエクセルのレクチャーを行う機会を与えて頂きました。

Please state the company and position of your current job and describe your job responsibilities.

I work for Calpis America, Inc. as an Administrative Assistant. I have a wide range of administrative duties to include management support, editor of our company newsletter, and customer liaison. Recently, my supervisor gave me the opportunity to teach Microsoft Excel to employees.



ONEPOWER Consultingのリクルーターに紹介され、現在のお仕事を頂きました。始めは派遣社員としてスタートし、三ヶ月後に正社員としていただきました。

How did you get the current job?

To get my current job, Ms. Akiko Rammig, of ONEPOWER Consulting recruited me online. I was first interviewed by Ms. Rammig, who then sent me to Calpis America, Inc. to be interviewed. I was hired under a temporary appointment in February 2015; in May 2015, I was made a permanent employee at Calpis America, Inc. I am very thankful to Ms. Rammig for this job opportunity.




What do you like about the current job? How has this job affected your life? Can you describe any positive changes and feelings after starting this position?

My supervisor, Ms. Sachiko Ueno makes the job challenging and fun. I like the way the Company encourages initiative, positive ideas, and continuous improvement. Since starting in February 2015, my life has changed dramatically. I was so pleased to learn Calpis America Inc. hosts Japanese classes at work. I enjoy practicing in class and learning from coworkers; this helps to enhance my language skills. Besides having a job with great benefits, I have gained employment relationships that have helped me grow personally and professionally.




Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years?

I am planning to enter graduate school to earn an advanced degree in Management/Industrial Psychology and/or Law School in 2016. I hope to remain employed at Calpis America Inc. and, maybe, through my education and continuous hard work, I will be able to advance at this company.




Please describe what you like about the working environment in a Japanese company.

I have always wanted to live in Japan. I love and respect the Japanese culture so I believe this job was a natural fit for me. This job has reinforced my dream. I enjoy the sense of ‘esprit de corp.’ at Calpis America Inc., working hard yet harmoniously, to obtain company goals.   I look forward towards my continuous growth with Calpis America Inc. Otsukare-sama!


Posted at August 21, 2015