Greetings to all Applicants

At ONEPOWER, we have always been focused on pursuing a relationship with our clients that encourages the growth and realization of your goals and dreams. Ideal applicants are capable of being flexible and diverse as times change. At ONEPOWER we work hard to understand you as an individual in our company, and always do our best to recognize and appreciate your unique attributes.

With many years of experience, and a solid understanding of each area locally, ONEPOWER Consulting is able to create positive connections between qualified individuals and businesses. The first step to understanding you personally and creating those connections is to begin your application to ONEPOWER by registering with us. Online registration is free.

Application Process

one Registration

We have a very simple online registration process. Upon completion of registration, one of our experienced recruiters will review your information and contact you.

one Career

We will ask you some questions regarding your skills, experience and expectations to understand what you are looking for in a potential position or a company. We perform Career Counseling in order to introduce you to a promising position that matches with your Career goals.

oneFinding the right
job for you

Through the information gained in the Career Counseling session, we will start finding position for you that matches your career objectives and experience. You may also find positions suitable for you, on our website in the current open positions section. If you discover any such position, you may submit an application online. Once we receive it, we at ONEPOWER will contact you for further action.

one Introducing you
to a client Company

Upon confirming your intention of applying for a particular position with our client company, we will submit your resume to them.

oneScheduling the

Once we receive a request for an interview from our client, we will schedule that interview as quickly as possible according to your availability.

Follow Up

We will take the feedback from your interview and exchange communication with the company. Remember, we are representing you, so if you have any questions regarding the position, ONEPOWER will ask them to the company on your behalf. If you do not receive positive interview results, we will continue to recommend new positions to you until you find your desired position.

one Position offering

If an offer is presented, we will perform negotiations on subjects such as salary and other conditions on behalf of you.

oneOffer Acceptance
and Beginning of

We will follow up with you and our client until your work begins on the start date decided upon. Even after starting your employment, we will continue to keep in touch and make sure that you are satisfied with your new job.