About Service

At ONEPOWER we are constantly striving to exceed our current reach by understanding the individual needs of companies, and the characteristics of the each region. Using Business and Human Resources strategies that are firmly rooted, we are able to provide a unique and creative placement and consulting services.

  • By understanding each company’s business needs and its expectations from the potential employees, we can assist you better, and match those needs with qualified individuals.
  • Based on our specialized recruiting knowledge, we can analyze the characteristics of companies and businesses, and provide solutions.
  • We continually provide effective services, including follow-ups and monitoring candidates introduced by us, during and after the initial period of employment.
  • We provide services in a number of fields, including but not limited to Accounting, Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Translation and Interpretations, and Office Assistance. We are very confident and effective in providing resources for the entry level, to the executive level positions.