Are recruiters trustworthy?

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Plenty of frustrated job-seekers have had instances in which recruiters got in touch with them out of the blue, showed interest or even threw around compliments about their resume or qualifications.

Then, those recruiters are never heard from again.

Martin said still, recruiters can be trusted in general because they are in the business of helping people out.

But there are some who have different objectives, such as being in it more for a commission or to fill numbers.

“Maybe they found other candidates that were more viable, and they just forgot to get back with you, or at the same time, some recruiters don’t feel like they have a connection to you just yet,” Martin said. “Even then, they should give you that courtesy of following up. Each recruiter, what they are in it for determines how they respond.”

Martin said even when recruiters get overwhelmed with a large number of candidates, they should make sure to still be considerate, especially to avoid a bad review from candidates on sites.

“It’s definitely their responsibility and job to make sure they are providing a candidate with a good experience, but unfortunately, sometimes they don’t,” she said.