We go Beyond Between

At ONEPOWER, we are constantly striving to understand the individual needs of companies, with a concentration in manufacturing companies and the characteristics of each region. By utilizing well established Business and Human Resources strategies, we are able to provide a unique and creative placement and consulting services.

  • By understanding each company’s business needs and its expectations from the potential employees, we can assist you better, and match those needs with qualified individuals.
  • Based on our specialized recruiting knowledge, we can analyze the characteristics of companies and businesses, and provide solutions.
  • We continually provide effective services, including follow-ups and monitoring candidates introduced by us, during and after the initial period of employment.
  • We provide recruiting services in a number of fields, including but not limited to: Accounting, Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Translation and Interpretations, and Office Assistance. We are very confident and effective in providing resources for the entry level to the executive level positions.

We are a contingency recruiting company. No fee occurs unless you hire a candidate introduced by us.


Initial Meeting

We begin by discussing your present conditions and business needs. We will discuss your expectations from a potential employee and understand your requirements thoroughly.


We will begin to search and screen candidates who meet the requirements of the position and needs of your company.

Introduction to candidates

After a basic screening and Interviews, we pass on the resume and information of the candidates, who are interested in the position.

Interview Scheduling

We will assist you in scheduling interviews with candidates you show interest in.

Post-Interview Follow-up

After the interview, we will ask you for your feedback and feedback from the candidate. If you are not satisfied with the candidates that were interviewed, we will continue to introduce more candidates until we find a match for your company and you are completely satisfied with your selection.

Offer Decision

Once the decision to give an offer is made, we will negotiate the conditions and salary on behalf of your company with the candidate.

Offer Acceptance

Once the candidate accepts the offer, we will assist in confirming the start date of the employment. We will follow up to see that the candidate begins work on the start date.


After the candidate begins working, we will continue to monitor and address any problems that may arise until both parties are completely satisfied with each other.