What should job-seekers be looking for most with available openings?

It’s important for job-seekers to look for positions that have qualities that they know they’ll be happy and productive with in the long-term.

Whether it’s a position that will offer growth in a career path, good company culture, a chance to work remotely, a good driving distance from the office, or any other qualities, it’s important for seekers to determine and pursue their best fits.

If someone eventually gets a job that is a bad fit, that could end up being detrimental, Martin said.

“They have to be careful about their resume not showing a lot of jobs,” she said. “If they take a job and don’t like it, then two months later take another job and didn’t like it, and they keep changing, it’s not going to look good when a recruiter is looking at their resume. It’ll look like they are not stable.”