You Aren’t Lazy. You Just Need To Slow Down

Sharing an expert from an NPR article.

Price says the idea of laziness has been effectively and expertly wielded to make people feel unproductive and unworthy. They call it a lie, and a trap that makes us believe there’s always more we could be doing — at work, in our relationships, at home — and that worth is productivity. Instead of viewing “laziness” as a deficit or something we need to fix or overcome with caffeine or longer work hours, Price says to think of laziness as a sign you probably need a break instead.

“Laziness is usually a warning sign from our bodies and our minds that something is not working,” Price says. “The human body is so incredible at signaling when it needs something. But we have all learned to ignore those signals as much as possible because they’re a threat to our productivity and our focus at work.”

That achievement mindset might actually be hurting you. And rethinking “laziness” can lead to more compassion.