You might still have time to buy holiday gifts online and get same-day delivery

Sharing an expert from an NPR article.

On the busiest mailing week of the year, time is running out for buying holiday gifts online. Or is it?

More and more stores are striking deals with delivery companies like Uber, DoorDash and Postmates to get your holiday gift to you within hours. They’re going after what once was the holy grail of online shopping: same-day delivery.

The retail chain last month partnered with DoorDash to test same-day delivery smack in the year’s busiest shopping season. In six cities, including Atlanta and Houston, shoppers can pay $9.95 to get Ulta’s beauty products from stores to their doors.

Food delivery exploded during last year’s pandemic shutdowns, when millions of new shoppers turning to apps for grocery deliveries and takeout food, which they could get delivered to their homes in a matter of hours or minutes.

Now, shoppers are starting to expect ultra-fast shipping, says Mousumi Behari, digital retail strategist at the consultancy Avionos