5 Tips To Successfully Make A Hybrid Setup Work For You And Your Boss

“The pandemic completely upended the notion of going to work and left in its place a patchwork of work-from-home and hybrid options.

…in the pandemic, a lot of people who never dreamed that they could do their jobs from anywhere but their office discovered actually — they can! And now, in survey after survey, employees have made clear: They don’t want to be back in the office full-time.

So for all of you who are able to keep a hybrid work schedule, we have some tips on how to make it work.”

This NPR article proposes 5 tips on how to construct a healthy, successful hybrid work model. In brief summary, one should follow these steps:

  • Don’t expect all things to be equal. Hybrid work is all about customization.
  • Be prepared to negotiate. Try seeing it from your boss’s perspective.
  • Connect with your colleagues early and often.
  • Create identical work spaces at home and the office.
  • Build trust by getting to know your colleagues.