Taking up space at work isn’t easy. Here’s how employees can speak up for one another.

“Getting interrupted. Getting ideas stolen. Being talked over and ignored in meetings. This happens to women, people of color and marginalized workers a LOT.

…being heard is key to everything. If nobody hears your ideas, how are you going to get those ideas off the ground? How will people know you have awesome ideas and give you a promotion? In all of these areas, women struggle. LGBTQ workers and women of color also report not feeling heard. And, in fact, studies have found that Black women’s statements are forgotten or misremembered significantly more often than those of white women.

Truly, this happens to all marginalized workers, no matter where they are working.”

If you have ever been spoken over or interrupted in a work meeting, you understand the oft-present challenge of taking up space- and maintaining the space you occupy- at work. This NPR article explores 4 methods to ensure you are heard in the workplace.