PLACED AS GENERAL MANAGER AT JAPANESE COMPANY I was very grateful for this job change. ONEPOWER introduced me to companies based on my desired job type and job description, and was followed up during the interview and after receiving the offer letter. I am very grateful and satisfied with theContinue Reading

PLACED AS CLIENT SERVICE MANAGER AT INSURANCE COMPANY During times like this, where a global pandemic is occurring, it is difficult for businesses to operate as usual and employees are getting cut because of the economy. That makes it much harder for new college graduates like myself to find aContinue Reading

Sharing a part of article from This is more than just doing obvious things such as researching the company, dressing to impress, making eye contact and showing confidence. What else? “When (you) get on-site, (you) have to be courteous,” Martin said. Martin cited an example of a hiring managerContinue Reading

Sharing a part of article from Plenty of frustrated job-seekers have had instances in which recruiters got in touch with them out of the blue, showed interest or even threw around compliments about their resume or qualifications. Then, those recruiters are never heard from again. Martin said still, recruitersContinue Reading

Sharing the article from PBS NEWS HOUR. This story was originally published by Next Avenue. Read all of Next Avenue’s COVID-19 coverage geared toward keeping older generations informed, safe and prepared. Job hunting is never easy. But the coronavirus pandemic is creating challenges unlike any we’ve ever seen, with unemployment expected to hit 16%Continue Reading